Monika Kowalska

Woman’s health

I urge women of any age to take care of themselves and keep track of their health. My occupation only reassures me how important in the life of each of us is preventive screening.

My brand… the perpetual care of the health of a woman. This is the principal idea behind our Centre’s activity. I personally do not have a medical education. My dad engaged me in finances to such extent that the early days of my career were connected with banking. The birth of my two children, the motivation received from my husband and the meeting of Dr Maria Bryła – the gynecology specialist, verified my plans. KOMED Women’s Health Centre – the place of congeneric healthcare for women of any age and various needs – became the effect of our common initiative. Owing to the wide range of services available in our centre, we can accompany our patients at different stages of their lives. Gynecology for women under and over 18, obstetrics, the prevention of gynecological and endocrinological afflictions, as well as breast diseases, general and specialised medical examinations, diagnostics and counselling, also in infertility treatment – are the areas that form the backbone of our activity. In the future, we are not going to slack off the development of our centre. Doctors from KOMED keep track of our patient’s needs. Since the beginning of the Centre’s work we have wanted the modern equipment and qualified staff to contribute to the raise of the quality of medical service in our province. We approach each patient individually, we want the ladies to feel the atmosphere of intimacy and the comfort of care.
My passion… my occupation encourages me to keep a healthy lifestyle and to have a preventive screening at least once a year. From my experience I know how important is the regular checking up one’s health. I often raise this question when talking to my friends. In this case, I fully justify carrying professional issues over the private life. My whole family try to keep in shape; we ski in winter and we go windsurfing in summer. I am perceived as a traditionalist by my relatives. That is right, the most important thing in my life is my family and spending time together is my greatest passion. It is hard to be a perfect wife, mother and businesswoman these days. You always do something at the expense of something. Personally, I try to reconcile all those duties. However, I leave the final assessment to my loved ones.
My place… the most important places are my home, where my family waits for me and our KOMED Women’s Health Centre. Everything that I enjoy is in Kielce. I cannot imagine exchanging this place for the other. I am too conscientious and I still have a lot to do here. In Kielce I also meet many interesting people, who have a definite mission and passion for life and work. An example of such people are the resourceful women who create the Business Club Painted with Lipstick, which I have an honour to belong to. We are an example of an organisation, in which the exchange of knowledge and experiences become a priceless source of motivation for the further work for all of us.