Małgorzata Kołosowska

A lesson of style
There is a magical aura of high fashion wafting in the air, there is a cup of delicious coffee waiting for everyone and professional advice in the choice of proper clothing.

My brand… my newest “baby” is MAGIA (“Magic”) hidden in charming clothes, shoes and accessories by Polish designers, all available in my showroom. I offer there the latest collections of top and niche fashion designers, also those coming from Świętokrzyskie Province. The inception of MAGIA showroom derived from belief that our domestic brands should have their own spot in Kielce. I want them to be recognisable in the capital of our province. I have been observing with great pleasure Polish streets, including these in Kielce, where I encounter well-dressed people, who more and more often go for the fashion from catwalks. I think that the style should have a very individual character. It should also result from the body awareness – the figure, proportions, complexion, it also should harmonise with our personality. It is important to have an idea for yourself when choosing clothes and to match it to the time of the day, occasion or your social role. My intention is to enable people to put together a comfortable and elegant outfit for everyday as well as to find an ensemble and jewellery for bigger and smaller events. I want the women of all ages, who have different jobs and do all sorts of activities, to shop here.

My passion… is fashion in every form. My interest in fashion is, among other things, an acknowledgement of my Dear Mum. Her outfits constituted an example of a good style, at the same time creating the aura of a well-groomed and coherent image of an elegant woman. I am glad that such an important person for me passed on to me the principles of the fashion savoir vivre, which I can now pass on to my daughters. The personal style of each of us reflects our souls. I personally am a fan of classic designs with a twist – a detail, accessory that make them more interesting. Professionally, fashion has accompanied me for 20 years. It began with the cooperation with huge clothing brands like BIG STAR and SIMPLE, and with time and because of MAGIA showroom, also Polish designers became my partners. I have to admit that I enjoy the contact with them as they are interesting and extraordinary people… they are simply artists. Since childhood everything esthetic was close to me, so, apart from fashion, I am fascinated by art, especially painting. I myself paint in my free time.

My place… it is absolutely Kielce, my hometown, which I have a great sentiment for. On the one hand, beautiful memories, and happy present on the other. Kielce is a city full of positive and interesting people who, what is important to me, are willing to help and cooperate. I am a lucky woman because I have many friends and… an amazing Business Club Painted with Lipstick. It is a group of charismatic women who contribute to the business vibe of the city and the region. In our circle we try to solve problems that inhibit the development of entrepreneurship, we exchange the know-how and share the experiences connected with the resources of our companies, and we are engaged in the charitable activity. During our meetings we share positive energy so that we all have an additional motivation and inspiration for any action.