Justyna Dziubeła

The fire woman

I do not want to approach the products by our brand only in a pragmatic way. I believe that this mechanically produced warmth contributes to the home’s atmosphere and the comfort of living.

My brand… I like when Defro is associated with the “caretaker of the hearth”. Our boilers can be then perceived as high quality appliances as well as the source of domestic, family warmth. I hope that my husband will not mind the comparison but for me – as a mother and wife – this interpretation is especially close. Family and the place of living play a great role for most people. The whole range of DEFRO is connected with the building issues and house equipment. It is a great pleasure and responsibility at the same time to take part in creating this “warm” atmosphere. That is why, among other things, the quality of workmanship of our boilers and concrete mixers is so important. The same priority is the reason why we underline the counselling – we stay in contact with the customer on each stage of exploitation of our products. It is essential that we also become more and more innovative. We eagerly use pro-ecological solutions and we highlight the usage comfort of the equipment. For many years on the market, we have been struggling to develop our company, also in the area of management. We would like to maintain the leadership position in the industry as well as to make European markets interested in DEFRO products from Świętokrzyskie Province.
My passion… Probably I am not original saying that it is my job. I like what I do, being aware of how absorbing it is at the same time. Despite the fact that some work days last not six but sixteen hours, it is hard to discourage me from work. When I am on vacation, usually after the week I start to miss the numerous phone calls and meetings that I have every day. When I look back on my profession – it certainly is a little surprise for me: as a teenager I planned to be an archaelogist. As to my other passions, besides travels, cooking relaxes me the most. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time for it. When I get down to cooking dinner, it does happen that I prepare three different versions of it in one day, as each of my house members likes something different. I want each of them to feel special.
My place… Strawczyn Commune. Beautiful terrains, views and nature that I adore. The places I walk around enthusiastically are Perzowa Mountain, Siniewska Mountain and Oblęgorek itself. I can say with a full conviction that Poland is a beautiful and well cared-for country. It is visible not only in big cities but also in enchanting towns and villages.