Iwona Wójcik

My world of sweets

Like a good coach, I always come back to our last match. I thoroughly analyse every realisation and I am not afraid of introducing the innovations in the tactics. I also listen to our customer’s opinions – they are like a barometer measuring the level of a good taste.
My brand… deliciously, fragrantly and naturally! For 30 years, the effect of our family passion for confectionery are the sweets that I have the honour to be an author of. I can see how our products differ from those available on the Polish and foreign market. I know what I am talking about because every year I participate in the international confectionery fair. From the latest one I brought a “souvenir” – a cookie that have been laying on my desk for many days now and have not changed its appearance and consistency… I bet everyone can guess what it is made of and how it was made to remain in this “superb” condition for a few weeks… In the age of globalisation, this “taking shortcuts” is popularised. I am all the more proud of the fact that the cakes, pies, cookies, bilberry buns and desserts from the “Świat Słodyczy” (“Candy World”) have been in opposition to those unhealthy trends. Our pastries are distinguished by the unique taste and looks. It results from the use of the traditional and never changing recipes, which come from verified suppliers of high quality regional products, as well as from trainings and observations of those good world trends. Each cookie requires from our confectioners a lot of time spent and the use of appropriate ingredients, which I gather in my confectionery atelier: natural aromas, fresh fruit, handmade preserves and genuine liquors.
My passion… is named confectionery. A key role in it was played by my mother – my mentor, a creator of taste and the founder of “Świat Słodyczy”, Katarzyna Sajecka. I am an economist by trade, so I learned the profession of a confectioner right from her. Managing the confectionery is an activity that demands of me and my employees a big commitment, creativity and perseverance, checking the quality and the consistent improving of our pastries. I can jokingly tell that “you cannot be a good confectioner when you are a slave” – passion, enthusiasm are the criteria which I take as a base for my team. You learn new skills for your whole life and the positive energy is what I look for, this is the starting point for everything. I also spend a lot of time on training young confectioners. I send my employees to foreign and Polish courses and fairs. I want them to be well oriented and versatile. Despite the multitude of tasks to be done, I love my job. The awareness of duties and challenges that the confectionery has to face is the reason why I am not going to open their branch. Every year we surprise our customers with unique ideas for Christmas and Easter.
My place… is my confectionery – the social centre of Kielce, whose unique atmosphere and exquisite pastries are valued by people from all around Poland. I like creative stir, so I happily observe the positive change of the image of Kielce.