Iwona Karyś

A new shape of brows
I once read that “a small space in the human life has sometimes a key importance and concentrating upon small things helps build a great impression”. It is probably one of the best description of my occupation.

My brand… a mathematical and anthropological approach to eyebrow shaping; this is how I named the method of styling I use. I consider it with satisfaction to be very innovative in this area of cosmetology. I think that my knowledge of anatomy, connected with the studies at the School of Physical Education as well as the longstanding analysis and the observation of hair, faces and brow shapes are a good basis for my professional research. I like to think about my job also by paying special attention to preach the positive thinking. I often come across people who have a problem with self-acceptance and who complain about the lack of motivation. In such situations I eagerly tell about the four principles that changed my life significantly: to forgive everything and everyone, to stop analysing the negative situations from the past, to start concentrating on the good, which is here and now, and, importantly, not to judge others. I noticed that many of us like to overuse words, which only disturb things for me. When I hear negative remarks, I try to stop the interlocutor. I believe that words have a causative power and things we say can shape our reality.

My passion… is surely my job. I perfectly remember the day when I worked out my method of brow styling – that was something great, a discovery, Eureka! Such things develop right from a great passion. I also have to mention dancing – especially at home, with my husband and my baby – as well as cooking. Sport has always played an important role in my life, mainly athletics and judo that I have been doing for years. I also enjoy a childlike curiosity of the world that I have. And it does not relate to going on particularly long journeys: it is enough to look around and the reality that surrounds us and people around us will bring a bunch of interesting experiences.

My place… I do not grow attached to places; I definitely attach myself to people more. I easily move from the place to a place and get adjusted in a new surrounding. Opole is my hometown, which I always remember with sentiment. For a moment, the United States were my home, which I am very happy about because you can learn a lot from Americans about the previously mentioned philosophy of positive thinking. Currently, Kielce is my place on earth, which I visited for the first time as a teenager, due to the participation in a sports competition. Just then I was captivated by the beautiful views and the luscious green of the Kielce region. As a person who eagerly bonds with nature I am happy that I am right here and now.