Ilona Pawłowska-Kała

A showroom with a difference
I try to live in the harmony with nature and I also follow this rule in business. Our showroom serves as the best proof.

My brand… ZK Motors, that is the first BMW showroom in Świętokrzyskie Province. We are the first and currently the only one in the world car dealer that has received the prestigious Golden Certificate awarded by BMW AG in Munich. We received this prize for the pro-ecological building solutions that we implemented in our showroom. We assume that since we try to live in the harmony with nature everyday, in business we also have to follow the sustainability principles. In our buildings we use the newest technology that allow to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, water and heat. Certainly, the thing that sets us apart is the variety of available products and services. We offer to our customers the newest BMW car and motorcycle models, the professional authorised service centre and a rich collection of clothing and accessories for drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. To our youngest fans, we also offer mascots and miniature cars – everything signed with the BMW brand, of course. ZK Motors is also a hotel for motorcycles and tyres, an eco-friendly car wash and a financial-insurance service. In one spot we managed to place everything that a modern driver needs.
My passion… I really like driving. These days we are very active. No matter whether we run the business or the house – we have to move fast and comfortably. In the case of an entrepreneur, a car becomes a tool but also an attribute – a medium of specific information about us and our company. It is worth remembering when choosing a suitable model. For me, a perfect answer to the diversity in the customer needs are the BMW cars and the philosophy of this brand. Apart from pragmatic reasons, I perceive cars also according to the esthetic categories. A car has to be comfortable, safe and have a good engine, but it also has to be attractive. I currently drive the BMW i3. It is a power-driven, ecological car, perfect for driving around the city. Owing to the implemented technology, it charges for free on the car park while I am running errands.
My place… many places inspire me because I travel a lot. In like active tourism that gives an opportunity to see what is characteristic in a particular place. Other cultures, people, new flavours and alluring nature fascinate me, I always admire the wildlife that can be found there. I am always happy to return to Kielce, my home, no matter where I am. We have healthy water here, clean air, green parks and beautiful forests all around. Most of all, however, I know that there is my family, two dogs, three cats and a garden arranged with my own hands waiting for me.