Halina Bożena Dobrowolska

With bread for generations
A leaven-based bread is very healthy and has properties of disposing the mycotoxins contained in grains. Our wholemeal rye bread has a low glycemic index, so it can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes.

My brand… is the family bakery, run for three generations, existing since 1946 in Kielce. The recipes, unchanged for 70 years and that we still use, constitute our strength. Their author was the founder of the bakery, my husband’s father, Edward Stasiński, who decided to move the business from Warsaw to the Kielce region in the 1930s. At that time, every baker was famous for his original leaven recipe. The same applied to our grandfather who manufactured his signature bakings. All craftsmen had equal bread prices then and a customer was gained by the quality and taste of the products. In spite of time passing and changes in baking practices, we remained faithful to our traditional methods. The rolls are based on the yeast starter – composed of proliferated lactic bacteria and yeast; the bread is based on the leaven prepared in a multi-phase process that takes 24 hours. Our signature bread is the wholemeal rye bread. It is a very difficult bread to make, especially when it is prepared without the use of wheat and so-called “improvers”. We also offer sweet rolls – with cottage cheese, genuine marmalade or apples from Sandomierz. They are also yeast-based, without the addition of leavening agents or colourings and they are made of the non-GMO flour.
My passion… my job brings me great joy. Despite the multitude of tasks I rarely feel tired. It is often rather a source of positive energy for me. My everyday duties include, among other things, the preparation of leaven, which our bread is made from. It is a very responsible task because the taste of pastry depends on its quality. It happens that the leaven is “capricious” because even weather conditions affect its consistency – and we have different weather every day. My professional activity is also connected with the promotion of our brand. Back in the day, belonging to a profession was obligatory, so the craftsmen naturally supported each other. Now, one acts individually, and the compensation for the people who, like me, remember those times with sentiment – is the membership in organizations promoting regional products. R. Dobrowolski Bakery belongs to the Polish Chamber of Regional Products, the Culinary Heritage, the Entrepreneurs and Employers Association “Lewiatan” and it was awarded with the Polish Quality and Tradition Certificate – recognised by the European Union. In my work I highly value the opinion of our customers; positive words motivate me very much.
My place… Kielce is definitely my place. The strength of this region is… health available for the asking. Świętokrzyskie Province, dominated by agriculture and agritourism, is a guarantee of the fresh air, active recreation and genuine regional treats. As probably most of us, I like to go somewhere from time to time, but I like to come back home just as gladly. The place I enjoy visiting is the Greek town Nea Roda. This is an area deprived of the excessive human interference – it is quiet, peaceful, just as I like.