Grażyna Majcher-Witczak

The individual aspects of treatment
Diabetes is not a homogenous disease, so it is hard to talk about the one proper treatment scheme. Each patient is ill in “their own way”, so in my clinic we have an individual approach to each of them.

My brand… I deal with diabetology for nearly 20 years. I think that one of the reasons for choosing this domain was the deficiency of knowledge about diabetes which I observed in the “medical world” of our province. As I was interested in this subject, I started doing my specialty and doctorate in diabetology. For many years I performed a function of the Provincial Consultant for diabetes. The next step was an initiative to establish the Świętokrzyskie Department of Polish Diabetes Association, which I head to date. The longstanding observation of people suffering from diabetes encouraged me to establish my own clinic. The Non-Public Health Institute “Witamed” is a place where we strive to guarantee a congeneric and convenient care. We attend to the people suffering from all types of diabetes, that is why various kinds of treatment are known to us. Diabetes is not a homogenous disease. In fact it comprises a whole range of dysfunctions, whose common attribute is the high blood glucose level. It makes necessary for the individualisation of both diagnostic and therapeutic process for our patients. Apart from diabelological consultations, in our clinic you can obtain knowledge about nutrition as well as the support from the other specialist doctors that we provide. The appointments are regular, we aim to respect the time of our patients by setting a date and hour of each next appointment with the medical team.
My passion… I gather that when you are a doctor, you have to like people in the first place. The contact with an ill person cannot be a chore and sitting in a clinic cannot be a countdown to leaving work. Meeting with a patient is mostly based on the conversation with the person who expects from us the professional approach and treatment, and also very often understanding and psychological support. A doctor needs to be aware that during the treatment there can be a period of mental breakdown or depression. When it comes to diabetes, it is often said that: “Take it easy, you can live normally with it.” – and you certainly can! However, as it is a chronic condition, it requires the perpetual care about the diet and physical activity, which are also a form of therapy. Apart from work, diving is my great passion. As Pisces, I feel great when I am in the water. I perfectly remember my first moments under water, although it was several years ago. I was lost in admiration how huge diversity of colours, shapes, patterns and textures is hidden in the reef. I adore this state of the underwater weightlessness and the moment when I can change my position by the power of my own breath – it is an incredible experience.
My place… is obviously my home. I can describe myself as a type of a city slicker. I was born in Kielce and this is the place where I feel the best. Although I really like travelling, I always gladly come back home. Kielce is a city comfortable to live in, which is unique in its own way – you can, for example, skirt it around without leaving the forest. We have increasingly better urban and communication solutions, as well as Kielce Trade Fairs, which open us up to the world.