Ewa Filipecka

Learning makeup
I teach my students how to do the eye makeup so that their eyelids do not look like a” hot mess”. I make them sensitive to the psychological aspect of the makeup artistry. Sometimes we can awaken a long hidden confidence with just one makeup

My brand… I think I am one of a few Polish makeup artists who stay on in this profession invariably for 20 years. I perfectly remember astonished faces and the comments of clerks who registered my business activity. “Colour analysis drapes… what are you talking about?” Fortunately, as the time goes on, a makeup artist is no longer identified as a beautician. Also, people have been talking more and more about makeup artistry and perceived it in a better way. I have been cooperating with international makeup brands, which resulted in the skill of establishing good relations with customers. Each new face is like an individual chapter of a book. In my opinion you cannot imagine a better way to learn a profession than to do several hundred makeups a month – approximately 10 a day, for nearly 10 years. Due to that experience, today I proudly represent a master level – I teach the art of makeup and I educate future masters. Currently, I do not have as many chances for a direct contact with a client because I am absorbed in training courses. I do them at my school, The Academy od Makeup and Style in Kielce as well as in the other cities of Poland. I use my pedagogical training in my teaching career. I compile the training programme myself, remembering not to impose a high level on them while they still are taking their first steps. I do not have any concerns that I teach future competitors. Quite the contrary, I find that the future accomplishments of my students are the measure for the quality of my training. Apart from that, I believe that good makeup artists will always have their clients and the potential “business rivals” will only motivate them in a positive way. I often compare makeup to handwriting; you learn the basics at school in order to develop your own unique style.
My passion… are the artistic techniques of emphasising the beauty of a face – it is the most beautiful profession in the world. I assume that when you do something you love – you never work a day in your life. I find my both career paths successful and proper. I feel marvellously as a trainer of professional makeup techniques with my own dream school. I often talk with my students about the psychological aspect of our job. I pay attention to the necessity of developing empathy, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. The constantly improving and expanding training programme, with for example the issue of personal development, gives a lot more to my students than just the crafting skills.
My place…is Kielce, the city which has a wonderful energy and which I miss every time I am away on business. The area of greatest significance for me is my home, where my Academy of Makeup and Style is situated. Despite this relation, I manage to keep balance between work and private life, provided that my everyday life does not exist without makeup artistry.