Elżbieta Dudek

A hotel with a taste
A garden filled with various types of trees, bushes, roses and cactuses as well as beautiful nature of Świętokrzyskie Province create the pleasant surrounding of my hotel. I think that the best way to describe the whole region are the lyrics of a song called “Świętokrzyskie is so wonderful!”

My brand… in other words it is my beloved hotel with a restaurant. Our domain is composed by regional dishes. The two most preferably ordered dishes are zalewajka soup and Mniowski herring – the “stars” that are the pernament positions in our menu. The menu often changes, mainly depending on the seasonality of some products. I am not a certified chef but I happily create dishes that we serve in the restaurant. Composing the menu brings me joy. On the other hand, the tried and traditional recipes, which we use to prepare regional dishes, come from the village women of Świętokrzyskie Province. Our hotel is a place dedicated to both visitors and locals who eagerly come to eat Sunday family dinners. I really value talking to the clients, who are always approached in an individual and flexible way. I am pleased to hear kind opinions from our clients, who pay attention to the professional and helpful staff as well as the warm atmosphere of this place. It is important because the enterprises we are undertaking often require a great effort and the perfect moves. Also the location of is our asset; the proximity of Kielce and the landscape around the hotel – a beautiful hotel garden and green terrains which guarantee a calm or active leisure. Owing to this we have a group of loyal clients who happily come back to us.
My passion… managing my own hotel with a restaurant is the realisation of my great dream from years before. Although there happen to be days of 20-hour work, this occupation gives me lots of satisfaction. I fully agree on the statement that when you love your profession, you never feel tired. Wherever I am, I always watch how other similar facilities work. I like staying in cosy hotels, where the guest comes first, just like in my hotel. I also value it for the fact that in such hotels usually everything is perfected. I feel sorry when I am the witness of lowering the standards but I also have a lot of understanding for other owners. Apart from my job, my passions are fashion and dancing. Dancing for me is an excellent and beautiful form of expressing emotions. It is a conscious movement, which creates a nonverbal story and helps to interact with another person.
My place…is Mniów – I love my hometown and this is the place where I have always wanted to start my hotel. Świętokrzyskie Province is my place. I really like Kielce, whose pleasant atmosphere is created by the inhabitants. I think that the best way to describe the whole region are the lyrics of a song called “Świętokrzyskie is so wonderful!” – great people, exquisite regional products, fresh air, beautiful sites and dynamic development that can be seen in every field. Guests visiting my hotel are similarly impressed – they are positively surprised by our region and the city of Kielce, which meets their expectations.