Dorota Tworek

The art of relaxation
Bristol is a word for the new operating philosophy, created with demanding guests in mind. Guests that value comfort, cosy atmosphere and the highest standard of service. My husband and I gave a part of ourselves to this place – our passion and love for art as well as enthusiasm that we create the new and original with.

My brand… is a luxury close at hand. The marriage of art and medicine, which harmoniously coexists in the area of Bristol Art & Medical SPA. Owing to the passion and engagement we created a place in which the unique holistic model of healthcare and the healing value of art meet. This is the space for someone who wants to forget about everyday duties and feel the comfort of true relaxation – being pampered by the esthetic design of the building and unhindered by the discreet staff. Bristol is a place where we take care of both health and well-being of our visitors. Our guests enjoy the wide range of medical and beauty treatments and relish delicious dishes of the hotel cuisine. We create unique compositions of flavours out of the local products – the art is present also on the plate! The stay in the health resort is diversified by the art therapy animations – the spiritual renewal acquired by the contact with art and the workshops and classes with therapists. Bristol offers also exhibitions, vernissages, concerts and meetings with art and artists.
My passion… is organisation. I approach business operations and family parties with the same determination. I like when everything is sewn up and nothing is left to chance. I cannot forget to mention music that is close to my heart since childhood. Piano and singing – of course in an amateur aspect – accompany me my whole life. It is the music where I seek harmony in, harmony essential in my everyday life. Sport… I am a fan of it because it is the base of health, equally important as proper nutrition. I regularly run, swim and play tennis. Art… in the sense of visual art… The interest in this field resulted in a series of exhibitions named “the art in the public space”, which I initiated with my husband. Under this title, there have already been 7 exhibitions of prominent Polish artists showed in the centre of Kielce. We are really satisfied when we observe people, who do not usually visit museums or galleries, experience the art showed in a public place. They come across art on the way to work, school or during the walk. We think that it is an excellent form of the cultural education and promoting art at the same time.
My place… I describe myself as a local patriot. I love Kielce because I have everything important for me there – my family, friends, work and home. I feel obliged to act in favour of the city and the region. We want to inspire others to work for our little homeland by our family activity, voluntary work and organising artistic events.Everywhere I am, I try to promote our region by pointing out its qualities. Hence the place equally important to me is Busko-Zdrój and Bristol, whose former splendour was restored by us. In combination with the unique sulphur water of Busko-Zdrój it constitutes an excellent showcase for the Świętokrzyskie region. I admit with satisfaction that after finishing the studies both in Poland and abroad, my sons came back to Kielce, saying that this is their place.