Dagmara Wenus

Advertisements are my speciality
I value cooperation with people whose basic tool is their own creativity. In business I am a supporter of the specialisation and I follow this rule when choosing the employees to my team.

My brand… in the beginning we used to do mainly road signs and number plates. Then we also started doing printouts, indoor and outdoor advertising, and polygraphy, which comprise the main areas of our offer up till now. I like my job for designing, creating and constant trying of something new. It is important that our activity is based on solid fundaments: knowledge, experience, skills and the market know-how. Working in advertising will always fascinate me because it involves the contact with people whose creativity is their main attribute. Apart from creative thinking, the engagement and the ability of compromise, which I struggle to maintain in my company, are equally important. I pay attention to building the client’s awareness of a real image of the final result of our work and keeping the right proportions between the form and content of an advertisement. In business I am a supporter of the specialisation, my employees are experts in their fields.
My passion… is the broadly understood image, as a result of designing, arranging, dressing, constructing and any other activity that has anything to do with esthetics. Irrespective of the subject of interest, I always pay attention to its appearance and message that it conveys. Evaluating is a part of my job. For many years I have been fascinated by objects and spaces that are beautiful and functional at the same time. I am very interested in furniture. In its case, the quality of used materials and a kind of finish, as well as details that add the character are always important to me. Interior design is also my passion. I like to create something out of nothing when arranging and I like to use eye-catching fabrics, and use white as a base colour. In my opinion, the best interiors are those which give the impression of a coherent unity. The visual arrangement is the result of consequence and professionalism that I value in private life and business.
My place…during a few years of living abroad I dreamed about my home, which I left, in Kielce. I like my city for the energetic and modern city centre and for the contemplative and quiet Zalesie. I happily react to the progressive revitalisation, through which the city is growing pretty in front of my eyes. I gladly invite there my friends from the other parts of Poland and the world. I enjoy their positive reactions and comments, as well as the spontaneous returns to the Świętokrzyskie Province.