Beata Tokarska-Wójcik

Passion and beauty hidden in flowers
Floristry is for me a well thought out, creative action. Each move should be made knowingly, so that the effect of a florist’s work create a coherent whole, which means something.

My brand… when I opened my Art Workshop of Flower Design “Irys” in Kielce 20 years ago, few people in Poland knew what the term “floristry” means. From the beginning I felt that to develop, I have to surround myself with people of similar sensitivity and esthetics. My passion was shared by Polish and foreign masters – teachers, that is why I dedicated so much time to the floristry education. I proudly represent a group of the International IHK Certificate owners as well as I am entitled the Master of Floristry. Right now, when I spend the majority of time on managing the workshop and two florist shops, I enjoy the dynamic progress of the industry and the raise of customers’ awareness of the floristry. I appreciate that they accept my philosophy and that they eagerly reach for the ecological bouquets, typical of “Kwiatowa Pasja”, in which the greatest role is played by flowers and natural garnish. Our domain is also based on the ornaments made of fresh and artificial flowers, which are created in various styles. It is also a perfect addition and decoration for the interiors in a private or business space – like offices or fair stands. Recently, we also launched the mobile floristry workshop. Due to this solution, our flowers are “travelling” in comfortable conditions and no distance nor even the boldest – in their size – creations are feared by us. We deliver flowers to a specified address on request.
My passion… are my “Kwiatowa Pasja” (“Flower Passion”) florists, which materialise my way of thinking about esthetics and floristry in every detail. Flowers have fascinated me since childhood. They amaze me with their shapes and scents. They are a message that does not need any words or gestures. I have been observing their extraordinary ability to awake particular emotions for years. No wonder floristry is associated with art. They both give the possibility to convey the emotions and intentions to the world. This is where my love for ikebana, a 6th century Japanese art and philosophy of arranging flowers, came from. In ikebana, the intentions of a creator can be read even from the height or the tilt angle of flowers. For years I have been impressed by the works of the master of floristry Gregor Lersch, an international authority in this field, who I had an honour to learn from. Apart from work, my passions are travelling, music, art, cinema and books. I adore biographies of famous people. I value everything that is a work of creative people – through them I am able to discover the beautiful side of life.
My place is…Kielce – I was born there, my family and friends live there, I pursue my passions there. Some time ago I decided to become an ambassador of this place on the outside. I want Kielce to evoke good associations and to be The Place. As a resourceful woman I work to integrate the business environment of Kielce in order to be able to work better and more effectively. It is also one of the reasons the Business Club Painted with Lipstick, a group of ambitious and resourceful women from Świętokrzyskie region, was created. The inspiration to establish the Club was for me an invitation that I once received from the Embassy of Women Entrepreneurship Foundation in Poland, in which I was recognised for the courage and determination in creating my own brand.