Anna Duda

Well-fitted lingerie

To me, the other person is a common denominator for all. More kindness in everyday life makes the success easier.

My brand… is my hobby, which I decided to share with other women, after years of the work in a corporation. I remember the job in finances with sentiment but only managing my own business allowed me to fulfil my professional ambitions. My first encounter with bra-fitting was a long time ago in Warsaw. Just then I decided to get the women of Kielce interested, becoming – you may call it this way – a founder of bra-fitting in our city. There is still a lot to be done in Poland when it comes to fitting well the lingerie. However, a positive thing is that lingerie is becoming an element of equivalent significance in our country as well. Women more and more often perceive lingerie not only in the category of functionality but they also pay attention to esthetics, details and design. They are inspired by trends and they reach for various types and colours. According to these priorities, I select among Polish and foreign brands that are available in my showroom. I eagerly collaborate with companies that pursue the idea of social responsibility in business. I always try to remember about the fact that apart from a perfect fit according to the anatomy and needs of a customer, my job is also a mission in doing something good for women, especially taking the medical aspect into consideration.
My passion…is my job, which never stops to amaze and inspire me. Mainly because of the constant contact with the people I love. Considering the intimate character of the relation with the client, the reliance and responsiveness are valued in my work. From the experience I know that women’s busts vary a lot, so my job is to make women feel comfortable, safe and attractive in the lingerie proposed by me. Generally, every bra fitter is a bit of a doctor, psychologist and a friend in one. When I start a new relationship, I always remember to encourage women to accept their bodies and to check their breasts regularly. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the breast changes are more often detected by the partners of women. Ladies rarely have check-ups, often because of the fear and complexes.
My place…is Kielce. Here is my home, family, work, my whole life and favourite handball teams – Vive Tauron Kielce and Korona Handball Kielce. Frankly speaking, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I am a kind of a person who puts down roots easily, so it is hard to “replant” me painlessly. Kielce is a place to be liked. It has a huge potential felt in the people living there, most of all. Besides, both the city and the whole Świętokrzyskie region are not “geographically boring” and they offer great local products. For me the most important place is my home – always full of people, among who I like to rest.