Aleksandra Mróz

We build good relations
During shopping for building materials, our customers are increasingly paying attention to their quality, appropriate transportation and expert advice based on knowledge, experience and awareness of trends. We respect these expectations and we always try to live up to them.

My brand… it can be said it is a woman and…a builder’s supply. Working in this industry is a result of coincidence for me. However, to my surprise, I quickly managed to settle in this new field. Before I started working in the building industry – my professional career was connected with economics. At first, it was not easy for a woman’s voice to break through in this speciality dominated by men. My presence at industry meetings was evoking great emotions. From interest to wonder, sometimes disregard, though very often also appreciation of my determination and knowledge. Our company has been on the market for nearly 20 years. During this time we have introduced many Polish and foreign brands to the market of Świętokrzyskie Province. Proportionally to the dynamically changing market needs, we have been broadening the range of products in our warehouse – starting with the heavy construction equipment and continuing with the assortment connected with finishing the house. Since the beginning, our customers were developers, large companies like Exbud and Mitex, and individual customers. In Budkol-Gips, we follow the trends, so we are constantly introducing new products to our range. We set great store on technical training and the specialisation of our employees as it is important for proper consultancy.
My passion… is my job. I think that a positive attitude towards one’s occupation makes life easier, especially when you spend more time at work than at home. I have noticed that when visiting a new interior, I unwittingly direct my gaze towards the walls and the ceiling. I pay attention to the workmanship and the type and quality of used materials. Personally, I prefer classic interiors the most. They seem to be harmonious and elegantly furnished. Usually, in such interiors there is some beautiful, stylised furniture used as well as the lighting that gives plenty of warm light. Also, tourism and sport are my hobbies. I like travelling, both near, within our beautiful country, and far – in remote places and right off the map. Travelling means collecting the impressions that no one is able to take away.
My place… I like Kielce very much and I cannot imagine living in another place. The location of the city, surrounded by mountains and forests, the fresh air and a beautifully modernised city centre compensate for the hardships of everyday life. Two superb academies, where young people are educated, constitute the city’s great potential. This education makes these people attractive for the future employers. I very often happen to listen to positive comments about Kielce from guests invited by me. The place I also like visiting is Kazimierz Dolny – its beautiful gorges, where I enjoy walking, are located at a short distance from my Kielce.