The Business Club Painted with Lipstick is a self-financing organization of businesswomen who pursue economic activities in Kielce and in the Świętokrzyski region.Our first meeting was held in September 2014 and the official inauguration took placein March 2015. In the first months of 2016 we acquired the status of foundation. Whatcharacterizes our club is its apolitical and independent character as well as respect forideological, religious, or cultural difference because each of us is an individual. We associateonly women but it is not an expression of discrimination to the opposite sex.We appreciate and respect men at every level of our lives. We want to act in favorof leveling opportunities, regardless of sex, age or origin. The point is that both in life andin business we should be equal partners for ourselves with the common denominatorof having the right to be ... ourselves. We call ourselves a Business Club but the businessis not our sole leitmotif. We try to treat running a business as part of a larger whole, whichis our being. According to the concept of work-life balance we try to manage our time insuch a way as to strike a balance between private life and work and also to have time topursue our passions, although in our case our passion is often our work. The objectiveswhich we defined for ourselves result from an observation of our needs and the surroundingreality. Within the Club we want to provide support for each other and exchangevaluable experience and knowledge of management, which then can be applied in ourcompanies. We also have the ambition to work towards our immediate environment andthe local community. We want to have a variety of initiatives - from promoting entrepreneurshipthrough sponsorship of activities related to culture and the arts, to the charitywork for various individuals and organizations. The fate of the children is of particularimportance to us and first of all we want to help them. Our city and region are alsovery important to us. We see them through the prism of people, places, and numerousinitiatives, all of which make up the overall potential of the Świętokrzyskie developed withreal passion. We want people, especially the young, to see their chance for developmentand self-fulfillment in Kielce. We want to perceive it as an attractive and inspiring place tolive and conduct business.

Currently, the Business Club Painted with Lipstick, comprises over twenty enterprisingwomen who received 100% votes from other members of the Club voting in a secretballot.

Our club is quite a young initiative and therefore we are aware that we still have a lotto do, but ultimately we are really interested in the fruits of this creative activity.We strongly believe in the idea of working in a group and that, starting with ourselves,we can change our environment for better.



Renata Babińska-Krzysiek


Edyta Bugajska

Halina Bożena Dobrowolska

Anna Duda

Elżbieta Dudek

Justyna Dziubeła

Ewa Filipecka

Agnieszka Głuch

Iwona Karyś

Małgorzata Kołosowska

Anna Korczyńska-Wieloch


Monika Kowalska

Aleksandra Mróz

Ilona Pawłowska-Kała

Agnieszka Szufel-Figurska


Justyna Terlecka


Beata Tokarska-Wójcik

Dorota Tworek

Dagmara Wenus

Grażyna Majcher-Witczak

Iwona Wójcik



Elementem działalności Biznes Klubu Malowany Szminką jest przyznawanie, podczas rozmaitych wydarzeń, certyfikatów pn. „Przyjaciel Biznes Klubu Malowany Szminką” oraz tytuł „Honorowego Przyjaciela” na dany rok. W ten sposób pragniemy docenić i wyróżnić osoby, firmy oraz instytucje, których aktywność nawiązuje do misji naszego Klubu, bądź przyczynia się do ogólnego rozwoju naszego regionu.